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Greater joy can be experienced when the lawn is at its best, so trust the supervision of Morgan & Co. Allow our professionals at Morgan & Co to make your lawn look perfect. We are sensitive to the environment and committed to providing you with the best possible service using methods that do not harm the environment. Our prices should suit your wallet. For your complete lawn care requirements call us on 01206 367117.

The Basics of Lawns and Lawn Maintenance in Colchester

A Lawn can be described as an area that is covered with grass and kept mowed. Lawns are usually planted near homes and are used to play and sit around for family enjoyment. A beautiful lawn can make the entire landscape attractive, while a poorly maintained one can completely ruin its beauty. A good lawn needs a lot of time and effort for maintenance; it involves regular watering, weeding and mowing. To have a beautifully maintained lawn all year, professional help can be received from companies that specialise in lawn maintenance.

How to Grow a Good Lawn in Colchester

Many types of lawn grass are available and the kind of grass you choose is important if the lawn is to be easy to maintain. Lawns have to be regularly mowed to maintain their appearance, with the ideal blade height being between three and four inches. Removing more than one third of the grass leaf in a single cutting is not recommended and mowing should be done on dry grass. Grass roots penetrate the soil better when not watered frequently. Good irrigation is important. Weeds should be removed by applying chemicals, while moderate amounts of fertiliser must be used to nourish the grass.

Things You May Like to Know About Maintaining Your Lawn in Colchester

Do not use excessive quantities of fertilisers on your lawn as it needs just four doses of nourishment a year; in spring, summer, autumn and after the first frost. When grass is mowed frequently the clippings left behind are small and degrade rapidly, so it is a good idea to return clippings to the lawn rather than bagging them. Grass clippings contain the same nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as expensive fertilisers and can cut the cost of nourishing the lawn by one third. Ragged, blunt grass edges are more vulnerable to pests and diseases, so see to it that you regularly change the blades of your lawn mower and that they remain sharp. Leaf removal should not be ignored while maintaining your lawn since unattended leaves can cause damage to your grass by increasing the soil pH.

Excellent Lawn Services by Morgan & Co in Colchester

A good lawn maintenance service should have trained professionals, adequate equipment and should be recommended by other homeowners who have used their services. The company should follow scientific guidelines for applying fertilisers, considering the type of fertiliser that should be applied to a certain type of grass. The service should offer timely herbicide treatment and should be aware of the seasonal nature of weeds and when to apply the appropriate herbicides. The company should also educate the lawn owner on the importance of regular mowing and watering, in addition to other lawn care procedures. The lawn care service should have horticultural experts on hand to answer calls and they should be ready to visit homes to offer advice and guidance.

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